Mortgage Checklist


  • Bank Statements - Your last 2 months of bank statements, all pages
    • Savings Account - If you have a savings account with minimal activity, this is normally the easiest.
    • Large Deposits - s If you have any large deposits over $500 other than paystubs, please provide copies of checks and a brief letter explaining the deposit.
  • Driver's License - e Scan your driver's license or a cell phone picture texted to your Mortgage Banker will work.
  • Social Security Card
  • Tax Returns - A copy of your previous two years 1040 tax returns. All pages and all schedules filed.
  • W2s - A copy of your W2s for all jobs worked for the past two years
  • Pay Stubs - s A copy of your last month's worth of pay stubs. The pay stubs should show, at minimum, your name, your company, pay period and year-to-date earnings.
  • Home Documentation - For each home you own, your mortgage banker will want the following:
    • Deed of Trust - A copy of your Deed of Trust (would be in with your home loan documentation)
    • Mortgage Statement For all mortgages on property, most recent.
    • HOA Dues A copy of your dues/ payments, or a signed/dated letter saying you have none.
  • Retirement Accounts -A copy of your most recent account statement, and a copy of the terms of withdrawal.
    • Terms of withdrawal - The easiest way to get this is to pretend you were going to withdraw money from an account, and right before you actually do it will state the terms. Print and forward to your mortgage lender.
  • Social Security - A copy of your Social Security letter.

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